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I couldn’t do my job without… James Pittick, Direct B2B Sales Canon UK

This month James Pittick, Director of B2B Indirect Sales, Canon UK, picks the tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Our partners
It may sound obvious, but I really couldn’t do my job without the fantastic and diverse range of partners we work with at Canon. Each partner has their own set of specialisms and unparalleled, deep knowledge of their local markets. This gives us a much greater reach, helping us to deliver to more of the market. We collaborate very closely with our partners, supporting their ambitions for growth within a fast-changing marketplace.

2 My team
Alongside partners, the support of my team is the most important element I need to do my job. Being able to work with such a highly motivated, hardworking and knowledgeable group allows us to operate both proactively and reactively. It helps us to deliver the right technology for our partners and their customers – making sure they have the best solutions.

3 Therefore
I use Therefore, Canon’s workflow software, to manage and share business documents every day. It’s a powerful tool that helps me to handle all partner credits and rebates, as well as manage employee records and other important HR documents securely and efficiently. I can connect with any device, in real-time, via web-based access. This means I can get the information I need anytime, no matter where I am – which is great for productivity.

4 Our portfolio of products
Canon’s range of B2B products is hugely important to my role. It’s an incredibly broad range, which help us to support and work with a variety of partners.
This extensive portfolio means we can deliver a product or service to fit any customer’s print requirements, and our complementary services allow us to deliver the right end-to-end solutions for print specialists, enterprise and SMEs.

5 My smartphone
It can sometimes get forgotten among the myriad of new communication tools we all use, but I find picking up the phone and talking to team members, partners and customers to be hugely beneficial. It’s often the most effective form of communication, and it really helps to build great relationships.

The modern smartphone is also so much more than a phone. The ability to be in constant communication via email, or apps such as Microsoft Teams, really helps with productivity and allows me to be flexible as my role often takes me on the road. It also allows me to connect with other key bits of software such as Salesforce and Therefore, which are fundamental to my job.

6 My laptop
As with most modern roles, I simply would not be able to function without it. We use Microsoft’s full suite of apps. For communication purposes I use Teams and Outlook, to keep up with my team and partners. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also hugely important. OneDrive also helps with collaboration and flexible working, ensuring myself and the team are always working off the latest documents.

My laptop is also my main portal for interfacing with our CRM. In our team, we use It’s crucial for forecast planning, as well as opportunity and relationship management, which are vital elements of my job. It’s a critical application, and one I use daily to manage partner relationships and support business planning activity. Importantly it also links to our partner portal, ensuring the right content is provided to the right stakeholders within our partner businesses.

7 Social media
LinkedIn is something I check daily. The wealth of information I can absorb from my connections helps me keep track of industry topics and news. Discussing these topics within my network is also a powerful way for me to expand my own knowledge. LinkedIn is also a great tool for connecting with both partners and customers, as well as members of my team or even potential new employees.

LinkedIn also provides me with a great platform to share my own insights on industry trends and business, helping me to deeper engage with my network. I tend to post at least one article per month, and use it to amplify any articles I’m featured in.