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ICC partners with Vapour

Wetherby-based IT solutions provider The ICC Group is building a next-generation managed service proposition through a collaboration with Vapour, a cloud specialist and Microsoft cloud solution provider. 

The addition of Vapour to its partner portfolio, follows the appointment of Gary Saunders and plans to grow its managed service division into a multi-million pound revenue business in just two years. 

The partnership will enable ICC to meet growing demand from SME, enterprise and public sector customers for managed services, in addition to the hardware and maintenance offering on which the company has built its success. When an ICC customer wants to embark on a digital transformation journey or a cloud-first overhaul of its communications infrastructure, the two firms will join forces to leverage the expertise of both teams. Vapour has already transitioned ICC itself from a legacy on-premise voice system to a licence-based softphone environment, giving ICC’s 60 employees the flexibility and connectedness they need whether they are in one of the company’s four offices or working remotely.