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Impact of COVID-19 on SMBs

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated SMBs’ pain points around security and data protection. 48% of SMB IT decision-makers surveyed by Keypoint Intelligence on behalf of Konica Minolta, described security and data protection as being their number one IT challenges. The Top SMB IT Pain Points & Solutions research revealed that 37% of businesses said that their employees had experienced virus, malware, or security threats due to conditions imposed during the pandemic. As a result of those security issues, 47% of companies have acquired or upgraded IT security software or services. 

Other findings include: 38% of IT decision makers viewed managing remote work as being difficult or very difficult. For nearly half of SMBs, the lack of necessary employee hardware or software was a difficulty associated with homebased working. Similarly, 44% of IT decisionmakers identified servicing/supporting home workers’ IT hardware or software as a challenge.

 In terms of day-to-day operations, home working also presented particular challenges relating to team communication and in accessing and collaborating on files: 51% of respondents identified communication with managers or other employees as a business operation challenge resulting from work-from-home arrangements. 37% indicated that locating files was an IT challenge associated with working from home, while 30% cited digital document collaboration as a business operations challenge resulting from employees working remotely.