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Improper document management inhibits employee productivity

The M-Files 2019 Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report revealed that 45 per cent of employees find searching for documents and information challenging and time consuming

The study found that the UK and US have mirrored experiences when searching for documents and information with just under half (43.5 per cent for the UK and 45.6 per cent for the US) of organisations reporting challenges around this. Moreover 95 per cent of UK employees express frustrations when searching for the most recent version of a document or file.

Greg Milliken, M-Files Senior VP of Marketing states that the findings reinforce the persistent frustrations felt by employees towards information handling. “Looking at the results it’s clear that all organisations – regardless of sector or geographical position are united in the challenges they face towards information management practices,” he said, adding: “Managing the information and data within an organisation is more complicated than ever. The volume of content that the average organisation creates has risen significantly and it’s often stored in a wide range of different systems or spread across shared network drives which makes it difficult and time consuming to find and control. For employees, the need to get-to-grips with multiple interfaces is slowing down user adoption and decreasing productivity. It must become a priority for organisations to address this.”

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