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IN brief

UK councils missing out on efficiency gains

Local councils are missing out on efficiency gains according to the findings of a new Freedom of Information request, which discovered that councils are only deploying productivity-boosting software in certain departments. Y Soft Corporation, which requested the information, sought to discover how councils are currently using technology to improve efficiencies, as well as what their future investment plans are.

The FoI request found that whilst 71% of councils currently use workflow tools to digitise scanned documents in some capacity, these workflows are only being deployed in specific council departments and aren’t being used across the board.

Office workers frustrated

New research from M-Files has revealed that a third of office workers are frustrated when it comes to searching for information, which is driving many to circumvent the IT department and use their own file-sharing apps.

31% of employees find looking for documents across their company IT systems a ‘difficult’ or ‘frustrating’ experience, with 42% stating that it can take as long as fifteen minutes to locate a single document or file, leading to dissatisfaction in the workplace and poor levels of productivity.

Because of these challenges, a significant proportion of respondents are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to document management. The research found that 40% of employees are turning to personal file-sharing solutions that are outside of the corporate firewall and beyond the IT department’s control, in order to do their jobs.

Cyber-security, cloud and connectivity

British businesses are prioritising investment in cyber-security, cloud computing and connectivity in 2018 as they seek to build stronger and more resilient businesses, according to new research from Beaming, the business ISP.

Improving cyber-security is the biggest area of focus for IT investment in 2018, with almost half of businesses surveyed planning to spend more in this area during 2018. Medium and large companies will invest in cyber-security at the greatest rate.

46% of British businesses plan to invest in cloud computing services this year. More than a third of respondents said they would invest in connectivity during 2018.