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Increasing profitability for partners

Dyalog, the service brand of Armor Print Solutions, has enhanced its offering with the launch of EcoToner, a new feature to reduce toner usage

Armor Print Solutions provides a set of turnkey alternative printing solutions, ranging from consumables to managed printing services, including the collection of used cartridges. EcoToner, which is delivered through its managed print services business Dyalog, can extend the life of consumables by up to 60 per cent with no compromise on the print quality of documents, offering resellers an innovative new way to improve the profitability of cost per page contracts. 

With the acceleration of digital transformation, printing needs are changing, which is why Armor Print Solutions continues to innovate through its Dyalog brand to free users from daily constraints, by offering solutions and software to simplify and optimise printing. 

EcoToner is fully integrated within Monitor, NDD Print’s DCA and fleet supervision software dedicated to office automation resellers which is distributed across Europe by Dyalog. The new EcoToner functionality can be activated within the Monitor software features of the Dyalog offer. It can be wholly managed by the reseller, it simply sits in the background and enables them to reduce the amount of toner consumption on a per customer, per device basis.

Increase profitability 

Printer fleet administrators can configure the percentage of toner consumption reduction from one to 60 per cent according to their needs. Thus, the printer consumes less toner and requires less frequent refilling – a simple and effective way to increase the profitability of any cost per page contract.

Steven Hastings, Channel Consultant for Dyalog said the response from channel partners has been phenonemal. “With print volumes dramatically down as a result of the pandemic, resellers are under pressure to ensure their MPS engagements remain profitable. Lowering the cost to serve to protect margins would traditionally mean reducing service interventions or increasing pricing – neither of which are an attractive proposition for the end-user customer. 

“Now with EcoToner, print solution resellers can easily and remotely adjust the toner usage of printers in their fleet, optimising their costs by making significant savings on toner consumption with no negative impact on the endusers’ experience.”



Importantly EcoToner is vendor-agnostic, it is compatible with all makes and models of printers and, it works across all types of documents. 

“EcoToner really stands out in that any adjustments made (by up to 20 per cent) are totally indistinguishable to the end-user,” Hastings continued. “It doesn’t simply switch printing to draft mode, EcoToner modifies the print file intelligently, deleting only unnecessary pixels, using a unique algorithm and up to 20 per cent, the decrease in quality is not perceptible.”

Environmental impact 

Armor Print Solutions is committed to providing companies with innovative printing solutions and software with a lower environmental impact to optimise the management of their growing number of IT projects. Combined with ESR (Environmental Sustainable Responsible) remanufactured consumables, these solutions guarantee companies a fleet that is easier to manage, economical and environmentally responsible. 

Armor 3
Armor 3

In addition to providing greater control over the printing budget and simplifying the management of printers in the fleet, the EcoToner feature also helps reduce the environmental impact of printing. By adjusting the consumption level of printer toners, EcoToner extends the life of consumables. 

This new offer which is exclusively available from Dyalog is ideal for resellers looking to improve margins. “EcoToner gives service managers a unique opportunity to maximise service profit, to intelligently manage their printer fleets under contract to protect margin with no compromise on quality. 

“It’s really easy to manage, there’s no need to make changes to individual drivers or printers, it can all be done at the DCA level. And, we know that a one size fits all approach won’t cut it which is why it’s wholly flexible, dealers can make the changes they wish to by printer type or individual device.” Hastings concluded.