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Integra members take the initiative

Integra members have received their 2022 Initiative catalogues together with a comprehensive digikit to help them promote their own brand range to customers. Supported with a digibook and email campaigns together with web and social media assets, members will be able to grow sales and maximise their profit margins.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Initiative has continued to provide dealers with an easily accessible and competitively priced range. With growing concerns about stock in the channel, distribution via Antalis, VOW and direct with suppliers, has been key to supporting members.

CEO Aidan McDonough, said: “Initiative remains a strong proposition that has withstood the pressures of material shortages and rising transportation costs. It is the most extensive dealer group own brand in the industry and continues to provide an important point of differentiation for our members when it comes to customer choice. There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead but our focus is on supporting members further during 2022.”