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Introducing FileHound… a new approach to document management for print resellers

Many traditional print resellers have entered the market to sell and support document management solutions or are considering entering this market very soon. For most businesses the COVID pandemic has driven a rapid shift in new working practices, particularly with regard to how they process and manage documents. Remote workers need secure access to cloud-based document solutions that are easy to adopt and importantly, still complement existing hardware solutions for office working.

For print resellers, the timing has never been better to either enhance your product and services portfolio with a new cloud-based document management solution or prioritise your sales strategies on an existing solution.

However, in our experience for some print resellers this addition to a traditional managed print service business can present a number of challenges:

  • Competing with the software vendor’s direct sales operation within your customer base
  • Experiencing internal issues with account ownership when trying to up-sell into your own customer base
  • Upskilling sales and pre-sales teams to learn the features of complicated products, typically offering a number optional modules, plug-ins with complex, matrix-style price lists to match
  • Building pay plans, or managing the pay-out of commissions on subscription-based software sales
  • Recruiting new pre-sales staff who understand business processes and workflow automation
  • Dealing with typically long, protracted sales cycles
  • Shifting from hardware focused solutions to cloud-based services
  • Heavy focus on ‘on-premises’ installed software solutions, which results in a large professional services overhead requirement and technical dependencies outside of your control (not to mention the headache of delivering effective support)
  • lack of vendor support or resourcing a new solution before any business is on the table

FileHound document management made simple…

At FileHound we fully understand these challenges, as many members of our team have worked at the ‘coal face’ of the print business and experienced them first-hand. We believe our FileHound Partner Programme offers a simple, rapid to market solution, that allows resellers to quickly enhance their solutions portfolio with a simple yet innovative product, backed up by a great value proposition, without having to take on every aspect of the sale and solution support process.

For Partners that are new to document management, our Partner Programme provides an effective way to open new revenue streams with an easy-to-understand software solution, specifically aimed at reducing the impact of any declining print revenue. Up-sell for the win!

If you already sell document management, we can provide you with an alternative solution that embraces cloud technologies, keeping you abreast of market and business trends while reducing sales cycles.

We do not sell direct, so will never compete against you. We offer Subscription and Purchase licence options and have relationships with leading finance companies who offer up to 100% funding for software, consulting services and support, allowing you to capitalise sales.

Importantly, our approach allows print resellers to develop business at their own pace, safe in the knowledge that they will always own the customer relationship and have an experienced and dedicated vendor team to support them when required.

Are you new to Document Management? Then keep it simple…

If you are a print reseller and new to document management then FileHound can be a great fit for your business, as you can start with a ‘light touch’ and ‘scale up’ as your customer base grows. Our experienced Digital Transformation Team can help you navigate through all your customers’ requirements and tailor a solution to their needs without you having to undertake many hours of training or recruit new staff – we are available to cover all the ‘heavy lifting’ so you can focus on finding your next sales opportunity.

All our new partners are provided access to our FileHound Training Academy and a range of marketing collateral that can be white labelled, and we are always happy to explore ‘go to market’ collaborations.

FileHound Training Academy is aimed at ensuring our partners Sales teams are up skilled with all the tools they need to be successful when selling FileHound. Our FileHound Certified Sales Advisor course is an entry level course providing Sales teams everything they need to initiate great FileHound conversations with their existing customers and new prospects.

For FileHound deployments, our customer onboarding packages can be delivered 100% by us, or by training you over time to be fully empowered to offer these services yourself.

We are focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers and partners alike. FileHound Training Academy, onboarding packages and marketing collateral are key components to supporting our channel partners to gain sales and customer service momentum quickly and smoothly. This focus lays the foundations for us to cultivate strong, sustainable, and collaborative partnerships with our channel, which we feel will be the key to our shared success!

So, if you are looking to adopt a new document management solution where the:

  • Product is simple to adopt and compliments your print offering
  • Value proposition is easy for your sales teams and customers to understand
  • Business challenges we are helping to solve are easily recognisable
  • Cloud based ‘zero touch’ deployment model
  • Pricing model is simple, sensible and sustainable

Then reach out to us and explore where we can work in partnership.

About FileHound Document Management for Print Reseller

Developed and supported by a UK based team with a desire to produce great software. Our aim with FileHound is to create a product that is simple to use, easy to deploy, cost-effective and one that lowers the barriers to successful implementation.

FileHound is an intelligent, cloud-based document management platform made for secure file retention and workflow automation. Securely hosted in the cloud by us so you don’t have to worry about the technical installation and infrastructure management overhead,  this approach provides a ‘zero touch’ deployment experience for your customers. It has the ability to integrate with back office systems and has Apps for an increasing number of MFP manufacturers.

It caters for office and remote workers, is easy to adopt and use, has secure data backup included and features such as document approvals, automated retention policies, version control, document sharing while tracking user actions and recording them in an audit trial for compliance.

We use simple, familliar terminology such as inboxes, filling cabinets and drawers because end users relate to these concepts. We enhance this with options to index each type of document and allow users to search for information buried inside a document using our ‘content-aware’ search feature. FileHound includes Workflow and Smart Capture technology to automate document indexing and business processes.

FileHound fully integrates with scanning bureaus to offer flexible cataloguing, store and scan on demand solution to ensure an end-to-end document scan to digital cloud solution. All packed with a flexible pricing model that is easy to understand, sensible and sustainable for both partners and customers.

You can find more information on our website:

What’s Next

Our strategic goal in 2021 is to build the next generation Channel Partner Network that is focused on winning new customers and expanding their Document Management and Workflow Automation footprint. The FileHound product team has already achieved some great results but there is still much work to be done to reach our goals.

Our program is designed for Partners that want to sell Document Management regardless of their current experience.

If you would like to learn more, please email Mark Eost, FileHound’s Head of Channel Development at to book an exploratory meeting and see if we are a good fit for each other.

Author Biography

Mark Eost is FileHound’s Head of Channel Development with the remit to develop our channel strategies, managing relationships and being the face of FileHound to new and existing channel partners in the UK and abroad.

Mark has a deep understanding of Document Management, Business Process Optimisation and Digital Transformation having worked in the sector for over 20 years for companies such as M-Files and Canon, as well as running his own successful business.

This depth of experience, knowledge, and commitment to building collaborative partnerships makes Mark the perfect person to support FileHound Partners and help them achieve great results.

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