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IoT data set to unlock innovation

Eseye predicts that IoT data is set to power unprecedented levels of innovation over the coming years.

The IoT connectivity specialist says that this innovation will be seen not just in the next generation of classic IoT devices, which will become much more interactive and personalised to real-time behaviour, but also in the development of a new set of devices created through the fusion of multiple sensors, cellular connectivity to the cloud and advanced AI techniques. This combination will enable near real-time predictions of what services should be dynamically configured into those devices to maximise revenue and collect even more data and deliver huge value.

“IoT companies that see the potential, not just in the device but also in the data collected, will be the big winners,” said CEO Nick Earle. “As we come out of the pandemic, organisations will be looking for new ways to innovate, and IoT data has the potential to disrupt business models and processes in practically every industry. We can only speculate around what IoT entrepreneurs will come up with once they have access to data from billions of devices capturing rich intelligence on every aspect of our lives and businesses. We predict it will be an even bigger wave of innovation than the first wave of IoT adoption.”

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