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IPIA aims to stimulate print economy with networking events

The IPIA will continue to pursue its goal of stimulating the UK print economy through running a series of networking events and special initiatives across 2022.

Argentinian steak restaurant, Gaucho, in Birmingham will thus form the backdrop for some ‘beefy’ business opportunities on May 20 when the IPIA hosts its first physical networking event of the year.

The full IPIA events programme, consisting historically of some ten events a year, is highly valued by members and sets it apart from other associations. Its virtual Big Breakfast networking events, set up during the pandemic, continues to draw some 60 attendees every month, but the IPIA is thrilled to also be back doing in-person meetings. These events give attendees the chance to not just explore new business, but also discuss best practice and significantly expand their referral network.

Plans are being drawn up for the annual national IPIA conference which is expected to take place this September. Details will be announced in due course. More information about the IPIA and its events programme can be found at