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IT channel strive to improve customer experiences

Companies doing business in IT industry channel are making modest progress to improve their customer experience strategies, according to a new research report published by CompTIA.

About two-thirds of the 400-plus channel firms surveyed say they’ve made changes – major and minor – to their approach to the customer experience. Another one-third of companies are considering such actions.

Three in 10 responding channel firms say they’ve moved to an omni-channel approach for interacting with customers, using a variety of tools and platforms to foster better communications. An equal number of companies have embraced a hybrid approach, combining some new elements with more traditional go-to-market practices, such as in-store sales and basic e-commerce websites. The balance of companies – about 40% – are sticking with a traditional approach to customer engagement.

On the staffing front, 43% of companies surveyed have retrained technical staff; 36% have retrained sales staff; 33% hired dedicated customer service staff; and 31% hired full-time marketing and/or social media professionals.

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