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Proband Survey “IT issues hinder UK workers’ productivity”

A survey of 1,137 UK workers in full or part time employment, carried out by technology services provider has revealed that companies are losing £3.4 billion every year due to IT issues.

27% of UK workers polled said that their workplace IT systems are hindering their productivity, with this number rising to 33% in larger companies with in-house IT departments. Respondents, who all use IT systems in their workplace, said they waste an average of 5% of their working day due to connection or technology related issues. Losing 5% of a working day to tech issues equates to 21 minutes of lost productivity per day, 1.75 hours a week, or 7 hours (one working day) per month. This comes in at a cost of £3.4 billion to UK employers annually.

The top five workplace IT issues reported were slow running equipment (34%), internet connectivity issues (27%), cyber breaches (19%), additional equipment such as printers and scanners not working (11%) and outdated hardware (9%).