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Kaspersky celebrates fourfold growth

In the first three years of its MSP Foundation project, Kaspersky has achieved fourfold growth in sales among its managed service providers. Between 2019 – 2021, Kaspersky increased MSP sales to four times their starting point – with 75% year-on-year growth shown in 2021. In addition, the number of active partners has increased three and a half times since 2018, with significant growth in countries within Europe, North America and South Africa.

The introduction of a flexible pay-as-you-go monthly subscription payment plan, user-friendly License Management Portal for partners, and multi-layer cybersecurity product stack has made the Kaspersky MSP program attractive and beneficial for service providers.

Kaspersky will continue investing in MSP businesses following the success of the MSP Foundation three-year project. The company plans to introduce more products and services specifically for security service providers (MSSPs), as well as continue to support a cloud-first approach and automation of many routine operations and integrate more products into a unified MSP-ready single management platform.