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Keeping productive

While hybrid working has now become an established practice, debate has continued around whether workers can maintain similar productivity at home as in the office. According to research sponsored by Kyocera and conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 64% of employees that fully support using digital tools have seen an increase in productivity when working remotely. 

The report identified a positive correlation between the greater uptake of digital tools and increased productivity. Of those who reported their employees as extremely supportive of using digital tools, 64% saw an increase in productivity and just 17% a decrease. Among those who believed productivity had decreased with remote work, 38% attribute the decrease to their employees not having access to tools for information management. 

Group Sales & Marketing Director Martin Fairman, said: “Higher productivity among larger companies compared to smaller companies is likely down to funding. Put simply, bigger organisations have the funds and resources to provide tools such as work laptops or information management software. While SMEs don’t have the same financial clout, they do tend to be more agile and can implement new tools more quickly, so should take advantage of this as best as possible. A good strategy and a willingness to invest in digital evolution will pay dividends in the long run.”