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Kodak Alaris Information Management launches all-new partner programme

With the launch of its new global partner programme, Kodak Alaris is targeting further growth within the channel. The company is aiming to significantly increase its share of channel business in 2017 and beyond, providing a modern portal experience that empowers partners to grow their business and earn more with Kodak Alaris

Odile Silva Di Mascio, Partner Marketing and Campaign Manager, Kodak Alaris
Odile Silva Di Mascio, Partner Marketing and Campaign Manager, Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris Information Management (IM) business has upped the ante in terms of supporting channel partners to expand their businesses. The reinvigorated partner programme provides a variety of tools and resources to enable resellers and distributors to better connect with customers, and grow – through lead generation, expanded rewards and marketing programmes, greater margin opportunities and solutions that help partners secure recurrent revenue streams. The key elements of the programme will be consistent across all of the countries in which Kodak Alaris IM division operates.

Three-tiered programme

Kodak Alaris’ new partner programme has three tiers, with membership at each level determined by a number of criteria including annual revenue, certified sales staff, accredited technical resources and whether the partner offers Kodak Alaris service.

Registered partners have access to sales tools and incentives via a dedicated web portal. Premiere partners enjoy additional benefits including marketing tools and partnership commitment incentives, while Elite partners are able to tap into comprehensive sales and marketing resources, expanded rewards and partnership commitment incentives.

Odile Silva Di Mascio, Partner Marketing and Campaign Manager, Kodak Alaris said: “Over 90 per cent of our business is conducted through the channel. From order fulfillment and supply chain management, to solution implementation and managing the business relationship, our partners drive our success. This new programme puts partners at the centre of our relationship with customers.”

Expand, connect, grow

The new programme is underpinned by three key pillars designed to help partners:

Expand their offerings with a portfolio of world-class distributed and production scanners, capture solutions and service;

Connect with customers via leads through demand generation programs, sales enablers, content-driven marketing and state-of-the-art automation tools, delivered by the partner portal;

Grow profitable revenue with a lucrative channel programme that includes best-in-class sales tools, training and incentives.

Odile added: “We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, each of our partners has a single point of contact for all resources and assistance. Secondly, we are committed to providing our partners with a competitive advantage, ensuring they fully understand what they’re selling, through the provision of in-depth product information that can be accessed and digested quickly, as well as technical support, training and assistance as and when required. Finally, we’re dedicated to helping our partners make more money, and through this programme, we will offer tailored incentives as well as the support they need to close sales and win new business.”

Kodak Alaris new partner programme
Kodak Alaris new partner programme

One of the major new developments in the revamped partner programme has been the launch of a dedicated partner portal. The mobile responsive site is easy to use. Access is via a one click, single sign-on process, enabling partners to conduct business anywhere, from any device. Furthermore, opportunity management, business planning, market development funds and support requests, are all fully integrated with Kodak Alaris’ CRM system, streamlining processes and saving time for partners.

Business generation

Kodak Alaris is offering partners its full support across the entire selling cycle. As part of its commitment to help resellers win new business, the company will run a number of global campaigns. Partners will be able to build a pipeline with qualified leads secured from demand generation programmes driven by Kodak Alaris IM.

A new streamlined process within the partner portal enables resellers to seamlessly register deals, faster, with fewer steps. Comprehensive pre-sales support with co-branded collateral, sales tools, training and support, is also available. Kodak Alaris will vet, qualify and analyse the customer need, as well as develop a solution, and importantly, the reseller retains ownership of each lead.

In addition, the portal affords easy access to a range of marketing automation tools and assets, enabling resellers to create bespoke campaigns.

As part of the newly launched partner programme, Kodak Alaris has also redesigned reseller benefts and bonuses, and introduced a number of selling and partnership incentives. Access to additional incentives increases in line with the resellers’ business commitment to Kodak Alaris.

Kodak Alaris is offering partners its full support across the entire selling cycle
Kodak Alaris is offering partners its full support across the entire selling cycle

An integrated approach

Kodak Alaris believes that there is a tremendous opportunity for resellers to grow their businesses by helping customers with their information management challenges. “Our partners have access to best-in-class technology that enables organisations to capture, recognise and extract information from data; innovative software to share and integrate data with business processes and applications; as well as professional service, training, support and consultation – all of which combined, will help them win more deals,” Odile said.

“The digital age is upon us and paper-based processes are no longer viable. Businesses need to be more responsive and ensure that information is readily available anytime, anywhere and from any device. The cost savings associated with removing paper can be significant, enabling organisations to focus on innovation, growth and the future, and that’s a compelling message for partners communicate to customers,” she added.

Odile argues that the fact that we are managing more information than ever, makes the requirement to create efficient systems to handle it much more pressing. “Businesses are dealing with an explosion of data, which is complicated by the mix of paper and digital. According to InfoTrends more than 58 per cent of external inputs companies receive is still in paper format,” she said.

“Organisations should be getting smarter about data, taking steps to adapt their business models and processes to combine both hard copy and digital files, to ensure that information is no longer an under-utilised asset,” she added. “This presents an opportunity for the channel to get stickier with customers, by opening up a new conversation that encourages them to look closer at their document management and archive processes and to propose a solution that will help them to use data to drive business efficiency, growth and profitability.”

Growth areas

Kodak Alaris has identified a number of traditionally paper-intensive sectors such as financial services, legal and healthcare, as huge growth areas for the channel. “Digital transformation is central to the Government’s plans for transforming the NHS as it works towards achieving a paper-free health and care system by 2020 for example,” said Odile.

The AIIM ‘Paper-Free in 2016, Are we there yet?’ report also confirms the significant opportunity that the move toward digital transformation and paperless working practices present. “25 per cent of the businesses polled indicated that they run a totally paper-free environment, which suggests that the majority of firms are still ripe to target,” she commented.

In the same report, 42 per cent of respondents cited higher productivity as one of the biggest benefits of removing paper, and two-thirds said that the demand for paperless processes is on the rise.

The AIIM research points to the fact that in many cases, people aren’t aware that there is an alternative way – 39 per cent of the businesses surveyed cited a lack of understanding and awareness when it comes to paper-free options. “Herein lies a fantastic opportunity for the channel to increase their customers’ understanding of digital transformation and talk to them about the better, faster and more cost-efficient technological options that are available to them,” Odile said in conclusion.

Organisations should be getting smarter about data, taking steps to adapt their business models
Organisations should be getting smarter about data, taking steps to adapt their business models

Kodak Alaris will officially launch the new programme in the EMEA region on February 1 during its Partner Summit in Lisbon. Other regions will launch later in the year.

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