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Kodak Alaris takes complexity out of information capture

Kodak Alaris is taking the complexity out of information capture with the launch of its Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, a combination of best-in-class scanners, software, services and partnerships, designed to transform data chaos into critical information to drive efficiency.

Information capture simplified
Information capture simplified

A series of scanner, software, and service enhancements underpin the launch of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, to help organisations extract information from documents to increase productivity, enhance customer experiences and ultimately drive revenue growth.

The Alaris IN2 Ecosystems’ unique approach delivers the Right Fit with seamless integration into customer environments, the Right Experience that simplifies information capture, and the Right Results that deliver superior business value and higher ROI. Partner and developer communities play a vital role in the ecosystem through their ability to connect, configure and create new solutions that meet customers’ needs, now and into the future.