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Konica Minolta launches online remote support solution

Konica Minolta has been providing its direct customers with remote support for seven years, with more than 70,000 remote sessions held in 2019 alone. Based on this vast positive experience, the company has worked with ISL Online to develop a remote service solution for its resellers and distributors

Following a highly successful pilot phase, Konica Minolta is now offering its online remote support solution to channel partners, enabling them to resolve customers’ issues and questions regarding their Konica Minolta printing devices without having to attend in person.

Kent-based specialist, ARC Managed Print Services, has been part of the company’s pilot launch phase and over the past few months, has successfully made extensive use of the solution. Service Manager John Rendle, said it has proven to be particularly useful in enabling fast direct support for customers contacting them for assistance reconnecting printers when they have gone back into the office after an extended period working from home.

The COVID-19 precautions have demonstrated an additional value of remote service solutions from a safety perspective, but other considerable benefits were already clear. Many customer enquiries or issues can be quickly addressed and resolved remotely, minimising business interruptions. Fast reaction times are crucial in maintaining a good relationship with customers. Remote resolution also reduces service personnel’s travel times and expenses, which is not only cheaper and better for the environment, but also means the service team can help more customers.

Using the ISL Online screen share solution, remote administration as well as remote service are possible both via the web or a dedicated app. The packages offer an unlimited number of supporters, with a limit of one active session at a time per package.

“We’ve had a lot of calls and in the main people want us to resolve their problems quickly. With this system, it’s really easy for us to take over their PC and fix the problem,” Rendle said. “We are also able to set-up permanent access to a customer’s server, so we don’t have to find the right person and wait until we are granted permissions every time there is a solution-related problem. That’s been a huge time saver and means we can get to work straightaway without having to go through a long-winded process or despatch an engineer onsite,” he added.

Secure remote service
ISL Online is a proven and secure remote service solution that has been rated number one in the Remote Support Software category by Gartner’s Get App. Nick Ranson, UK Director of value-added services at Konica Minolta said: “Working with ISL Online makes it possible for us to provide our dealers with this solution at a very competitive price. Branded in a Konica Minolta design, the appearance of the remote service solution reflects the authenticity of this solution to our dealers’ customers.”

To further support its resellers and distributors in their customer service, Konica Minolta has recently released an open beta version of an additional remote visual support tool, AIRe Link. This cloud-based solution enables a technical specialist to literally see what their customer sees, using the camera on the customer’s smartphone or tablet. With AIRe Link, issues can be identified even faster, and very often the problem can entirely be resolved remotely. As an open beta version, AIRe Link can be tested free of charge.

“COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and associated changes to how we work. The phased return to work brings new challenges and a demand for a new level of service agility, as those who were once office-based are now increasingly splitting their time between home and office, said Cameron Mitchell, Partner Channel Business Unit Leader at Konica Minolta. “Remote support will become a key feature of the new normal to allow our partner community to support their customers safely and diagnose remotely, as well as increase flexibility for both customers and employees. The demand for flexible working is likely to be there long after the pandemic is over, and Konica Minolta is at the forefront of providing the tools to support this.”

In conclusion Rendle said: “We have used other systems in the past but this one works really well. It’s simple and quick to deploy and ensures we can very quickly address any service needs or other requirements successfully. It’s delivering cost savings to our business and providing our customers with an instant fuss-free resolution. Another value-add is the Konica Minolta branding, we are a single-line Konica Minolta dealer and it looks more professional and gives our customers greater peace of mind that they are getting the right support for their machine.”