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Kyocera Printers in Stock – Order Today

In this new world COVID-19, more people than ever are being forced to work from home, adapting their comfort-focused homes to provide professional workspaces. And while working from home requires a computer, phone, desk and a comfy chair you will almost certainly have to deal with paperwork and documents at some point.

Therefore, in order to complete an effective home office investing in an MFP (multifunction printer) with their high-quality printing, scanning and copying is a must. And not just any MFP, if you seek the advice of professionals who regularly work from home, they will tell you don’t buy a cheap inkjet MFP because it offers colour over a similar priced black and white, laser MFP. For most business documents a high quality black and white printout is more effective than a poor-quality colour inkjet printout. Inkjet MFP’s must regularly purge their printheads wasting ink just to keep them clean and working. Investing in a colour laser MFP is the ultimate solution if funds allow.

For the home worker compact product size, guaranteed reliability and low running costs are a must but don’t forget about noise levels and power consumption, it’s your house and it’s your electricity bill. At Kyocera we understand this, our comprehensive range of mono and colour Laser MFP’s are all feature rich, easy to live with and lead the industry with their low total cost of ownership.