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Latest version of iconic software opens up new revenue opportunities for partners

modern city future technology
modern city future technology

MapInfo Pro v17 is a new release of Pitney Bowes’ award-winning MapInfo mapping and analytics software. The latest version, available now through certified partners, has been built as a direct result of extensive feedback from the user community

“Location data has entered the mainstream,” said Mark Taylor, Senior VP for Software Solutions at Pitney Bowes. “With barely a thought, we check in to venues on social media sites, rely on satellite navigation in our cars and use mapping apps to plan a run or a cycle. We do all this using software which is built to generate and process geospatial data – data relating to our location, which has a geographical element to it. Without this we would quite literally, be lost.”

Taylor argues that in business, the ability to capture, process and understand geospatial data, transforming it into meaningful, relevant business insight, has become invaluable. “From planning to marketing, finance to HR, geospatial data is reducing risk, improving accuracy, enhancing planning and enabling laser-focused decisions. Understanding geospatial data used to be a privilege reserved for the technically-minded. Now, user-friendly software has opened up this powerful information and made it accessible and understandable, to all,” he said.

Pitney Bowes has made MapInfo Pro v17, a new release of the award-winning MapInfo mapping and analytics software available now through certified partners. The latest version has been built as a direct result of extensive feedback from the user community. Specifically designed to deliver an intuitive, enhanced user experience, MapInfo Pro v17 includes new features, advanced capabilities and functionality, superior processing power and a more user-friendly interface.

A strong, engaged partner community

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor

Taylor says that using the channel as the primary route to market for this exciting new software release demonstrates Pitney Bowes’ commitment to its partners, and fits with its key partner objectives. Firstly, to enable partners to deliver increased client value through the depth of skills they provide; secondly, to build a strong, engaged, successful partner channel; and finally, to provide a link to the broader Pitney Bowes business.

Pitney Bowes’ channel programme helps partners to:

Differentiate their brands;

Grow their consulting and service streams;

Profit from end-to-end support and value-based incentives;

Enjoy robust marketing and technical support; and

Accelerate time to value.

“The new release of MapInfo Pro v17 – software which has become iconic in the world of location data – gives our channel partners a fantastic opportunity to add value, to drive sales and accelerate growth,” Taylor explained, adding: “Everything is addressable, everything has an anchor point, and MapInfo Pro v17 makes it easier than ever to understand geospatial data and extract insight.”

He continued: “Our partners continue to deliver client value, expert knowledge and specialist support to their clients. We’re very proud of our driven, successful partner community and this new software release will bolster our relationship with these dynamic businesses, helping them drive innovation.”

MapInfo Pro v17 and its application

The new software release enables companies to extend the benefits of location intelligence across their organisation, weaving in an extra layer of insight to a profile or business, minimising risk by helping them understand the answer to the question of ‘Where?’

“Consider insurance firms, for example, needing to pinpoint the areas most prone to flooding or fire risk, for more accurate underwriting; or mobile phone companies wanting to identify areas of low signal, to drive better planning and investment decisions,” Taylor said. “Or real estate companies calculating drive times to shops; schools to boost their property marketing and retailers needing to know areas of highest footfall at certain times of the day, so they reduce risk when opening new stores,” he added.

MapInfo Pro v17 is completely orientated toward enabling the user to perform analytics and deliver insights more intuitively than ever. Users can quickly and efficiently process, visualise and analyse vast amounts of geospatial data – either generated across their own organisations or using Pitney Bowes’ powerful, accurate data sets – incorporating mapping, editing and layercontrol enhancements New and existing users alike find it easier to generate compelling maps, advanced analytics and drive better business outcomes.

Users can:

Enrich traditional data quality with enhanced contextual information such as a location, including the name of a specific place, or demographics;

Analyse data more effectively with advanced spatial analysis that drives informed, insight-driven business decisions;


Visualise key data on maps to make deep analysis and insight-sharing easier and more effective than ever before.

Streamlined user experience

Since its inception, MapInfo Pro has become a staple part of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional’s toolkit. The changes and enhancements, built on recommendations from the community, have led MapInfo Pro v17 to its evolution into a universally accessible business tool, designed to deliver a streamlined user experience.

“Channel partners have seen great success selling previous versions of this software,” said Taylor. “Their clients love it and they appreciate the specialised knowledge partners bring to its delivery. The new release extends its appeal beyond the realms of the GIS professional into strategic business application, giving partners fresh opportunities to engage with both new and existing clients.”

Richard Cantwell, Senior GIS Consultant with Dublin-headquartered solutions partner Gamma, is an evangelist for software. “This is the easiest to use version of MapInfo ever,” he said. “MapInfo Pro v17 now includes the ability to create drive-time zones and carry out geocoding without the need to install any third-party software or any steep upfront charges.”

He continued: “Geocoding coverage is typically to building level across almost 200 countries, while drive-times can be easily calculated from new or existing map objects. The system works off credits and every user is given a free monthly allowance, more than enough to test the waters.”

GIS Consultant Bob Wright added: “I started working with MapInfo in 1994 and have been using it on a daily basis ever since. Version 17 continues to expand both the capabilities and functionality of the software: I don’t leave home without it.”

What’s new?

New features include:

A new welcome screen with one-stop access to tools, tutorials and a links to the Li360 user community, an online community for partners, clients, product engineers and anyone with an interested in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Community members share best practices, participate in realtime discussions, view tutorials, download documents and follow the latest GIS news;

Mini toolbars, customisable and needing fewer keystrokes to complete your task. Users can create multiple toolbars depending on their tasks, such as a mini toolbar for drawing, one for analytics and one for editing;

Improvements to mapping and layout themes including interactive maps, new templates and previews, so users can visualise data, make it easier to understand and publish maps faster;

A range of layout, layer-control and other usability improvements so users can filter their information and refine their maps;

A fast, intelligent Quick Search function. Users can type in what they need to fnd and the software automatically presents options relating to that search term, showing them where the term is located to make it easier to find next time users require it, and introducing users to features they may not even know are present;

Geocoding and drive time (online services) capabilities included;

Patented raster capabilities (placing data in rows and columns in a grid) which enable more efficient storage, processing and display of raster tiles at different resolutions, so users can map and analyse data with extraordinary speed across states, countries and continents.

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