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Leaders in IOT adoption

Enterprises: Over seven in ten enterprises have introduced IoT devices into the workplace. 78 per cent say the introduction of IoT in the workplace has improved the effectiveness of their IT team, and three-quarters find it has increased profitability.

The industrial sector:
62 per cent of respondents in the industrial sector have already implemented IoT. Using IoT to monitor and maintain essential industrial functions was identified as the most impactful use case in the sector. The use of IP-based surveillance cameras for physical security within industrial organisations is still in its infancy, with only six per cent having implemented it. However, when asked about future implementations, surveillance jumped fivefold to 32 per cent. Across the sector, the majority, 83 per cent report increased business efficiency and another 80 per cent have found improved visibility across the organisation.

60 per cent of healthcare organisations globally have introduced IoT devices into their facilities. Across the sector, 42 per cent of executives rank monitoring and maintenance as the number one use of IoT – higher than all other sectors. This underscores the importance of IoT-enabled patient monitoring in the modern healthcare industry. Eight in ten report an increase in innovation and another 73 per cent report cost savings.

Just under half of retailers are using IoT technology, but 81 per cent of these report improved customer experiences. In-store location services delivering personalised offers and product information to shoppers was touted as the number one implementation for IoT, alongside monitoring and maintenance. Four in ten retailers ranked surveillance in their top three key use cases.

Only 42 per cent of municipalities have deployed IoT devices and sensors. A third of IT decision makers claim their executives have little to no understanding of IoT, double the global average, suggesting that lack of education is the biggest barrier to mass adoption in this sector. While nearly half of government IT departments are struggling with legacy technology, seven in ten IoT adopters in the public sector report cost savings and improved organisational visibility as the major benefits.

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