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Lexmark automates data gathering

Helping customers to minimise the risk of human error in their business processes, Lexmark is introducing a new solution that automates the pulling together of documents and data from smartphones, desktop PCs and MFPs.

Data can be collected from MFPs, smartphones and desktop PC's
Data can be collected from MFPs, smartphones and desktop PC’s

Perceptive Checklist Capture removes manual steps involved in the collection of related documents, freeing knowledge workers to focus on customer service and compliance and improving accuracy by reducing the rate of mis-filed or misclassified content. Suitable for today’s flexible working practices, it can be used to capture photos and other content with a smartphone, tablet or Lexmark smart MFP and add them, along with computer files from a desktop PC, to a project or case folder.

It notifies users when a document is missing or incomplete and delivers information directly to the user’s core business system while storing documents in a central repository for rapid retrieval.

Leveraging the Perceptive Evolution platform, the capture interface provides a consistent and unified experience across all devices and platforms.

Lexmark says that Perceptive Checklist Capture has applications in almost every industry, including retail (incident management), government (public assistance), banking (new loan or account automation), insurance (claims), back office (HR case management), manufacturing (logistics document management) and higher education (enrolment).

As an example, it cites the case of a loss prevention agent who, on arrival at the location of a reported theft, can launch a smartphone app giving instant access to open case folders. On opening a folder, the agent is presented with a checklist of items that still need to be collected e.g. photographic evidence. From the same interface, the agent can take a photo, which is automatically added to the folder. When a checklist is complete, the case is automatically flagged as ready for review.

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