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Lexmark Cloud Services expanded

Lexmark has expanded its suite of cloud solutions, adding two new services designed to help partners save time and money by managing their customers’ devices remotely

Lexmark Cloud Services has been designed to simplify the pathway to the cloud by reducing infrastructure requirements for print, simplifying device management and providing print solutions that enhance productivity, security and flexibility. Two new offers – Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management and Lexmark Cloud Connector are designed to help partners move beyond the transactional sale, to add value and in turn improve profitability.

Lexmark Cloud Connector enables organisations to access, store and print documents from popular content sharing sites. For even greater functionality, the Lexmark Cloud Connector effortlessly connects users to files housed on popular content sharing sites, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts. Once registered, users can access and print from, or scan and upload to, their cloud service of choice.

“Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management allows channel partners to remotely manage devices at customer locations, saving travel time and costs, while quickly and efficiently addressing customer concerns, thus increasing satisfaction and in turn retention levels,” explained Tony Lomax, Product and Enterprise Marketing Manager UK and Ireland.

This cloud-based solution makes service technicians more productive by providing them secure remote access to their customers’ Lexmark devices within an easy-to-use portal. Through the remote access portal, they can update firmware and security settings to multiple devices; view, manage and configure each customer’s Lexmark devices and apps; troubleshoot issues and easily configure devices.

“Cloud Fleet Management enables resellers to easily update settings, check toner consumption, usage etc. remotely,” Lomax said, adding: “Information that will enable them to proactively demonstrate they understand their customer’s business, by recommending new ways in which to optimise the fleet, improve productivity and be more efficient through adopting more streamlined workflows.”

Moreover, for partners who are new to the contracted pages market, Cloud Fleet Management offers the ability to easily and cost-effectively upsell and lock customers in by providing a fully managed service. “Configuring devices onsite, ongoing fleet management and maintenance, can be cost and time-prohibitive for partners,” Lomax continued. “The remote management feature on Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management slashes the time needed to configure systems from days to minutes, enabling Lexmark partners to update an entire fleet’s firmware with just a few clicks, as well as providing an easy to manage tool for ongoing monitoring.”