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Lexmark is committed to carbon neutrality by 2035

Lexmark began tracking and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2005. They reduced Scopes 1 and 2 emissions 62 percent since that time and are now focused on reducing Scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions 40 percent by 2025 from the 2015 baseline.

In 2020, Lexmark achieved a 34 percent reduction. Lexmark engaged Apex Companies, LLC to conduct an independent verification of Scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions.

As Lexmark continue to drive there emissions to minimal levels, they will also utilize renewable energy, carbon credits and renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset the remainder of emissions in some areas of the business.

Scope 3 emissions are reported separately from Scopes 1 and 2 emissions. Lexmark continues to refine data collection and methodologies for transparency in our value chain.  

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