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Lexmark reinvents how manufacturers use IoT 

Lexmark has announced a new portfolio of proven solutions to help customers quickly unlock the value of the Internet of Things (IoT), accelerate digital transformation and realise business outcomes. Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions leverage the company’s cloud, IoT and connectivity technologies and expertise, supported by its heritage as a maker of connected devices and long-time leader in managed services.

Lexmark has built an IoT platform to run its global managed print services business. The platform successfully harnesses performance and sensor data from the devices that Lexmark manufactures and manages, combining it with data from core business systems to deliver powerful insights. The company is also able to drive internal and external customer value through outcomes including predictive services, asset optimisation, systemic innovation and as- a-service engagements. Lexmark remotely resolves device support issues 70% of the time and has substantially increased profitability per device via optimised utilisation.

With the Optra IoT Platform, Lexmark brings the ability to harness IoT and achieve business outcomes to makers of connected devices beyond print.  The solution includes: An engineered platform built on leading technologies that enables manufacturers to combine and operationalise siloed data from connected devices and core business systems. A suite of accelerators including algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence models, reporting dashboards, and business process templates that  fast-track insights and efficiencies and speed implementation, quickly delivering business value. A team of dedicated consultants who will use their expertise to help customers realise the full value of their investment and navigate their IoT journey.

“Lexmark is reinventing how manufacturers leverage IoT to transform their business,” said Chief Information and Technology Officer Vishal Gupta. “The Optra IoT Platform is ready-made and proven, enabling makers of connected devices to quickly implement and rapidly achieve outcomes that bring them further success.”