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Lockdown 3.0 presents a security risk

As the UK continues its third lockdown, business IT infrastructure protection is under increasing threat, as almost three-quarters of CISOs recognise that their employees are less likely to adhere to cybersecurity measures while working remotely. While the resultant peril is coming from inside staff members’ homes, executives believe security vendors have a role to play in making remote working practices safer.

Kaspersky’s research conducted with both security leaders and employees highlights concerns around lockdown-induced cybersecurity challenges. The survey revealed that more than one-third of UK employees are less sure of security measures when working from home, while a similar percentage feel that following their employer’s security protocols is less important when working remotely. One in 10 either don’t know if their devices are connected securely at home, or admit that they aren’t. While this danger isn’t necessarily a new revelation, it is a new outlook on the dynamic between vendors, businesses and their employees, and is an especially pressing concern given that widespread working from home is set to continue throughout 2021.