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M-Files joins forces with Cadcorp

M-Files has partnered with geospatial technology pioneer Cadcorp to offer local housing associations better insight into the assets and portfolios they own and manage.

The partnership is a key step in M-Files’ strategic move into the housing and property market. With Cadcorp’s web mapping software, SIS WebMap, integrated into M-Files’ platform, housing associations can now unite and see all their data and information in one place, giving them much greater visibility and understanding about their properties.

Cadcorp Managing Director Martin McGarry, said: “As part of our partner programme, we welcome forward-thinking companies that incorporate geospatial technology to make the sharing of data across an organisation easier. M-Files has produced an application that is well-integrated with SIS WebMap and offers a compelling proposition to the housing and property market. We look forward to a successful collaboration.”