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Market intelligence as-a-service

Tech Data has announced a pan-European agreement with global market insights firm, MarketsandMarkets. The agreement will enable Tech Data partners to integrate exclusive market intelligence and advisory consulting services into their offerings for business end customers, helping them to identify and operationalise revenue opportunities in emerging technology segments.

The subscription-based service offers analysis on key megatrend categories – such as artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, connectivity, robotics, smart manufacturing and wearables among others – powered by Marketsandmarkets’ machine learning-driven market intelligence cloud platform Knowledge Store. In addition, customers can access consulting and advisory services bringing personalised insights from industry experts to inform their action planning and strategic technology investment decision-making.

“This agreement will help partners and end customers to equip themselves with robust, data-driven insights which will be a crucial differentiating asset as they guide business customers to make the right growth technology investments,” said Craig Smith, Vice President, Analytics and IoT Solutions, Europe, Tech Data. “The targeted market data and trend analysis from MarketsandMarkets empowers business decision-makers to identify opportunities proactively and align their business model to drive nonlinear growth, leveraging Tech Data’s extensive portfolio of next-generation products and solutions.”