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MPS Monitor launches dealer migration and recruitment drive

MPS Monitor is set to kick off a major international dealer recruitment drive with a carefully tailored global marketing campaign centred on the theme of ‘Why it’s time for dealers to move to MPS Monitor 2.0.’ A core part of the three month long campaign will see the company not only encourage print dealers to migrate to MPS Monitor 2.0, but also proactively recruit new dealers who don’t currently offer a print monitoring service to their customers. 

To help dealers either migrate to or adopt MPS Monitor 2.0, the company has created multiple assets. These include a specially created migration home page on its website that encourages visitors to download an informative 36-page eBook entitled ‘Your MPS Monitor Adoption Journey Starts here’. An interactive gap analysis tool has also been created to enable dealers to compare the platform they are currently using with the features and functions of the MPS Monitor 2.0 platform. In the case of a dealer’s current platform lacking any of the essential features offered by MPS Monitor 2.0, the eBook provides a detailed guide to help dealers start on their migration path to MPS Monitor. 

CEO Nicola De Blasi,  said: “Dealers have proved invaluable in the last 15 months, helping their customers to successfully adopt hybrid working models. With more people working and printing from home, print has also had to adapt to this shift. Therefore, there has never been a better time for dealers to help their customers bring their print fleet back under control, either by migrating to MPS Monitor 2.0 or introducing it as a their remote monitoring and management solution for printers and multifunction devices.”