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New partnerships

East Midlands-based Digital Office Services and South East-based managed print and maintenance specialist Temple Knight have both partnered with Konica Minolta. The collaborations will provide customers of both companies with new options to purchase Konica Minolta products and source locally based accredited expert servicing. 

Steve Critchley, Director at Digital Office Services said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with Konica Minolta to deliver even wider choice in the premier print and digital solutions on offer to our customers. This is all backed up by our expert team of trained and accredited service engineers, along with direct support from the manufacturer.” 

Simon Chapman, Managing Director at Temple Knight, added: “Obviously the pandemic restrictions have been a challenge, but 36 years of business experience have stood us in good stead. We provide remote support helping businesses operate safely. This year we are expecting double-digit growth and Konica Minolta will be a big part of this.”