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New POS printer from star Micronics


Designed for PC POS in retail and hospitality as well as tablet and cloud POS applications, the new TSP100IV POS printer from Star Micronics features multiple interfaces along with integrated Star CloudPRNT technology for printing directly from online ordering platforms and websites. It also benefits from Android Open Accessory (AOA) support for direct communication and charging with compatible Android devices.


Offering a plug and play solution with internal power supply, the TSP100IV can function as an immediate plug-in replacement for other TSP100 models. However, unlike previous TSP100 single interface models, the new TSP143IV UE model features multi-connectivity on one model with Ethernet and USB-C port for Windows, Linux and MacOS devices as well as a USB-A port for direct cabled ‘data & charge’ for USB-C and MicroUSB based Android tablets and mobile devices.

Android Open Accessory (AOA) support enables direct data and charging for supported Android tablets and mobile devices or connected peripherals if using the printer hub. Providing even greater flexibility, the TSP100IV can be connected over Wireless LAN using Star’s compact MCW10 Wireless LAN module.