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New Xerox ConnectKey apps

Over the last few months, Xerox has been expanding the capabilities of its ConnectKey-enabled VersaLink and AltaLink devices, with the launch of new apps in three main categories, device integration, workplace assistance and sector-specific solutions.

In the first category are apps that integrate printers and MFPs with popular business platforms, such as:

Xerox Connect App for Salesforce, which enables users to scan documents directly into client folders within the Salesforce CRM system;

Xerox Connect App for QuickBooks Online, which streamlines expenses management with multiple receipt scanning, automatic extraction of relevant data and the creation of digital expenses reports, which it routes to reviewers for approval; and

Xerox Connect App for Concur, which provides Concur users with similar receipt management functionality.

The second category includes standalone apps that convert Xerox devices into productive workplace assistants, such as:

Xerox Forms Manager App, which simplifies the management of multiple forms and reduces paper-based filing risks, for example by using embedded QR codes to ensure scanned forms are automatically sent to the correct email address;

Xerox Quick Link App, which offers a quick and easy way to connect to an MFP for the first time, by sending an email containing links to drivers and configuration settings directly from the device to a PC or laptop; and

Xerox Audio Documents App, which converts hardcopy documents into audio files that users can listen to while travelling or multi-tasking.

The third category of industry-specific vertical solutions includes new apps for the education sector, such as:

Xerox Connect App for Blackboard, which integrates with the Blackboard learning management system so that MFP users can digitise documents and store them in their Blackboard Learn account without having to move from the device; and

Xerox Proofreader Service, which checks scanned documents for spelling, grammar, style and plagiarism.