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Nuance recognised by IDC

Nuance Communications has been named the market share leader among global device and print management vendors by IT market research and advisory firm IDC

This is the second year in a row that the company has been identified as the market share leader in an IDC print management report. The latest study entitled Worldwide and U.S. Device and Print Management Market Shares, 2015: Year of the Evolving,

Michael Rich, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Nuance Document Imaging
Michael Rich, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Nuance Document Imaging

Fragmented Market will be available to qualified customers and partners.

Nuance’s print management solutions enable organisations to gain control of their entire print environment by reducing costs and bolstering security. To make printing more efficient and reduce the burden on IT, Nuance software focuses on four key areas: security and authentication, hardware fleet optimisation, consumables cost reduction and network infrastructure.

Product of choice

“Nuance continues to lead the print and document management software vendor market with its Equitrac, SafeCom and Output Manager solutions,” said Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President of Document Solutions at IDC and co-author of the report. “Though the printing equipment manufacturers that Nuance partners with frequently have their own ‘homegrown’ solutions, Nuance products are often the product of choice for larger enterprises with extensive fleets of multibrand devices.”

Muscolino said that Nuance continues to be a leader in the device and print +management market, not only from the perspective of market share, but also in terms of ongoing development. “Nuance continues to innovate in terms of vertically focused solutions, document and data security, enterprise-grade infrastructure and a unified platform for capture and print,” she noted.

“Security remains the top priority for IT departments with 70 per cent of companies having experienced a data breach through printing,” said Michael Rich, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Nuance Document Imaging. “With Equistar, Output Manager and SafeCom, Nuance ensures that customers leave no document unsecured, no penny unturned, and no worker unconnected.”

Consistent, familiar and intuitive Nuance Document Imaging provides software solutions and expertise for professionals and organisations to gain optimal control of their document and information processes. Its expansive portfolio enables strict compliance with information security policies and regulations while enabling organisations to streamline and eliminate gaps across the full spectrum of workflows spanning the lifecycle of their documents from origin to archiving. For users, Nuance’s imaging solutions deliver an experience that is consistent, familiar and intuitive for more efficient, natural, and intelligent interactions with technologies used to create, capture, and process documents.

Case in point

Globally, Nuance has many customers across multiple sectors – including education, healthcare and financial services. In the UK, one such example is NHS Lanarkshire. Using Nuance Equitrac, it is now able to track output from all connected printers and devices. Adrian Hargan, NHS Lanarkshire’s IT Customer Services Manager explained: “With Equitrac deployed on the new MFPs, NHS Lanarkshire was able to centralise its printer fleet and remove 300 inefficient desktop printers. Today, we can also generate print usage reports and set and enforce print quotas which further help control costs.” It’s a strategy that has succeeded, with NHS Lanarkshire saving an estimated £36,000 in print costs, which effectively achieves ROI in 12 months.

Another example is the University of Warwick. A lack of control over print costs, consumables and print volumes and the need for more flexibility and greater print security are problems of the past, now that the University has deployed SafeCom from Nuance.

It has helped the team regain control of the fleet, reduce costs and gain a greater insight into how printers are used, while offering staff and students far greater flexibility over how and where they print.

Chris Wood, Service Owner, Printing Services, said that one of the University’s issues was document security, which has been resolved thanks to SafeCom’s pull print functionality.

“SafeCom gives staff and students alike the assurance that only they can retrieve their work, which ensures confidentiality.” he stated. But security is just one of the benefits, and it helps address another one too, that of unnecessary paper waste. “SafeCom deletes unclaimed print jobs from the server queue within 24 hours.

We can actually see the benefit of this, as the paper bins are no longer filled with documents that have been printed but unclaimed.” Wood added:

“Another advantage of deploying SafeCom is that students are no longer tied to one specific printer or device. It used to be that if the device was broken, they couldn’t print their work. Now they have the convenience of choosing from a number of different devices across the campus, collecting their documents using their University ID card,” he said.

Nuance will make the report available to qualified customers and partners. To view the full findings, please register at:

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