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Nubeprint launches new MPS offering

Nubeprint has launched a new direct managed print service with ultra-low entry-level pricing. Customers can choose from a basic MPS package from as little as €6.25 per month to manage up to 25 devices, or the feature-rich ZERO basic option which starts at €29.60 per month for 25 devices.

Nubeprint Direct’s ZERO basic option features a dashboard of 19 easy to manage, state-of-the-art, self-explanatory apps to get the MPS programme up and running – including bill page counts, push notifications to customers’ mobile phones when toner is low to automatically manage the delivery of new consumables. Providers receive real-time alerts when a device has a technical issue, as well as alerts for consumables from customers’ printers, irrespective of manufacturer, it’s possible to set monitoring between a threshold based on the remaining days or based on the remaining percentage level of ink or toner. There’s also a COVID-19 home working solution to monitor printers from teleworkers with no cumbersome software installation.

“One of the barriers to entering the MPS sector for SMEs is the high entry costs,” said Antonio Sanchez, CEO at Nubeprint. “Nubeprint Direct is flexible so you can adapt what you need to your budget and just pay for the functions you need, and you can pay monthly with no commitment or you can benefit from discounts by taking an annual licence.”