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Office landlines extinct in six years…….

Ringover’s analysis of Ofcom data suggests that the workplace landline will become extinct in November 2028. 

Business landline numbers fell 370,000 in a year to 4.98 million, according to the latest Ofcom data. Numbers are predicted to fall below two million in spring 2024, and drop under one million in early 2026. 

The decline of the office landline comes as businesses replace fixed lines with internetbased communications like VOIP. 

Renaud Charvet, CEO at Ringover Group, said: “The office landline has kept businesses running for almost a hundred years, so it will be quite a milestone when the last one is terminated. Few people should mourn their demise, however, as the alternatives give businesses a huge opportunity to turn a standard business phone into a real productivity tool designed for modern workers.”