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Over-stressed and under-prepared

Osirium’s 2021 Ransomware Index survey has revealed that 46% of its 1001 UK IT manager respondents don’t believe they invest enough to prevent ransomware attacks, whilst a similar number (52%) don’t feel supported to do so by their company’s board.

The survey findings raise concerns about UK IT teams’ ability to properly manage potential ransomware attacks, of which their likelihood of becoming a victim is increasing rapidly. Of those surveyed, only 21% claimed they had never been attacked. Perhaps more surprisingly, 53% of respondents agreed with the statement: “It would be cheaper to pay the ransom demand than continuously invest in preventing ransomware”.

More than half of the survey respondents also claimed that they do not have sufficient budget/ resources to cope with the constantly evolving threat landscape, which makes the research finding, that many feel the only way to deal with the problem is to pay, even more impactful. 

The stress to UK IT managers, caused by the spectre of Ransomware, is an increasingly significant downside to an already difficult job. 86% of the IT managers surveyed said they feel stressed about the prospects of a ransomware attack, with 22% saying it more than doubled their stress levels.