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Paper packaging doesn’t deserve a ‘bad wrap’

Consumer concerns around packaging have extended to all forms, leading to misconceptions around the sustainability of paper-based options – an issue which Antalis Packaging states the industry must tackle.

lunch in a box
lunch in a box

The company has been quick to assert that paper packaging, when used efficiently, offers a viable and green solution and shouldn’t be categorised in the same unsustainable bracket.

Scott Day, ‘In-the-box’ Packaging Expert at Antalis Packaging, said: “As the packaging waste issue continues to gain momentum, it is vitally important that paper-based options are not tarred with the same brush as their typically perceived less environmentally friendly plastic counterparts.

“Despite some perceptions that all packaging is wasteful and unnecessary, the reality is that paper-based packaging can not only provide the same protection but is also easily recyclable which can significantly reduce the amount of litter that goes to landfill.”