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Parallel Office & Document Solutions push forward with their roll-out of innovatory Printanista software.

Parallel Office & Document Solutions are starting to get some great results with the innovative Printanista software. This software is still only being offered by a handful of companies in the UK, and Parallel is delighted to add it to its already extensive solution library.

Printanista is the latest addition to ECI’s Managed Print Service Software. Whilst print management companies have been saying for years that they can remotely manage their customer’s fleet of printers -the reality was that it was still a manual process involving someone having to physically check the status of each machine.

Printanista works perfectly along ECI’s e-automate software, to provide customers with one platform to handle their specific office technology needs like accounting, contract management, inventory, purchasing, and service.

Parallels Managing Director Gavin Auckland explains their excitement around the roll-out – “Printanista has changed the landscape for print management and means we can offer an industry-leading service to our clients – individual units have their own error code reporting and as soon as we get a notification that a machine has an issue, we can dispatch an engineer and a part to the customer’s site. This usually happens before the end user even realises a problem with the unit!’

For Parallels clients, this means less downtime and the ability to further save time & money by having a genuinely automatic service that MPS providers have not been able to offer until now. Parallel estimate that 70% of their service calls will now be arranged thanks to the new error code reporting.

Now in its third year of business, the addition of Printanista to its portfolio allows Parallel to be even more aligned with its clients and will help to further build on the company’s success.

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