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Passwords are too easy to crack

On average, tech professionals in the UK use weak passwords that are only 11 digits long, according to tech recruiters at Randstad UK. In a poll of approximately 400 tech professionals, more than three-quarters said they typically use passwords with fewer than 14 characters, while only 10% use passwords of more than 24 characters.

Adrian Smith, Senior Director of Operations at Randstad said: “Cyber hygiene is a problem. While you expect 123456, qwerty and password to be the most popular choices with people who aren’t tech literate, you’d hope tech professionals would be making better password choices.”

Randstad UK says tech users need to create longer passwords to protect their online security. A six character password, regardless of whether numbers and letters are included, can be cracked in less than three-quarters of an hour. Cyber security firms recommend using an 18 character password.