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Bulletin: What’s new in printers and printing

People: A round-up of new hires

I couldn’t do my job without… Adrienne Topping picks her favourite work tools

Research: Hybrid working exposes organisations to increased print security risks

PrintIT Awards Feedback from the 2021 PrintIT Award winners

Trends: Five trends that will shape digital workplaces in 2022

Events: Tech Live 2022

Focus on: What’s New, A round-up of recent product launches

One-to-one: Philip Bond, CEO, Vision

VOX POP:  Committed to a sustainable future: part one

View from the Channel: Daniel Hoile, Founder and CEO, Logixal

60 seconds with… Phil Madders, Managing Director, PAE Business


Quocirca’s 2022 Global Print Security Landscape report explores how print security is impacted by the hybrid workplace and the challenges businesses are facing as a result.

The findings reveal that organisations are struggling to keep up with the print security demands of the hybrid workplace. Workers continue to rely on print and the distributed nature of the print infrastructure has expanded the risk environment. As a result, print-related data losses are frequent but, despite 53 per cent of respondents saying security is a top priority, few businesses have implemented key print security measures (page 20).

Both COP26 and the global pandemic have increased environmental awareness, causing more people to pay more attention to climate change. It’s clear that if we are to limit the most damaging impacts of climate change, the direction of travel is firmly towards net zero.

Sustainability is the topic for this month’s VOX POP (page 40). In part one of a two-part piece, a selection of the channel’s leading vendors discuss the need to cut GHG emissions and why strong environmental performance matters to both customers and employees alike.

In this issue, Adrienne Topping, Group Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, Sharp Business Systems UK, picks the work tools she uses every day and couldn’t do
her job without (page 18). This month’s Q&A is with Daniel Hoile, Founder and CEO, Logixal, and PITR spent 60 seconds with Phil Madders, Managing Director, PAE Business.

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