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Poor password hygiene

Yubico research shows that since the start of the pandemic employees have been engaging in poor cybersecurity practices on work issued devices, with business owners and C-level executives proving to be the worst culprits. 

At the same time, enterprises are falling short on cybersecurity best practices that need to be implemented for out-of-office environments. Less than a quarter of respondents admit to even implementing 2FA since the start of the pandemic and even then, many are using less secure and less user-friendly forms of 2FA like mobile authentication apps and SMS one-time passcodes. 

The report surveyed 3,006 employees, business owners, and C-suite executives at large organisations (250+ employees), who have worked from home and use work issued devices in the UK, France and Germany. 

In the UK, 42% of employees feel more vulnerable to cyber threats while working from home, with 39% feeling unsupported by IT; 62% have not completed cybersecurity training for remote work; 22% would use the same work email log-in again after a security breach, while 31% would share work email passwords; and 62% would rather have their work credentials than personal data stolen.