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Post-furlough anxiety in tech

Two-fifths of furloughed tech professionals are anxious about their return to work, according to recruiter Randstad. 

A poll of almost 8,000 workers from across the UK highlighted the relationship between postfurlough anxiety and the failure to offer best practice HR. Only 28% of those tech professionals who had returned and classified their onboarding experience as good or very good were anxious. In contrast, of those tech professionals who had an onboarding experience they regarded as either poor, very poor or had no onboarding, 55% were anxious on their return to work. 

Nine in every ten tech professional in the UK said they have concerns about COVID-19 at work. By far the most common concern is catching the virus – with 41 per cent saying they are worried they will catch it at work. But the least concerned workers are those over 46, almost a fifth of whom say they have no concerns about COVID at work.