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Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 06 – Free Download

Tablets are often portrayed as print killers, but are they bad for business? Instinctively, you feel they must be, even if the experience

Print IT Reseller Magazine - Issue 06 - Free Download
Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 06 – Free Download

of others – including contributors to our mobile printing feature on page 30 – suggests otherwise. The jury may be out on the true impact of tablets/smartphones on print volumes, but as West McDonald so eloquently explains in his latest Ponderings from across the Pond, even if the worst projections come true, smart resellers should still be able to make money from BYOD. To find out how, turn to page 20.

What’s unquestionably bad for business is a reputation for dodgy dealing. Or at least it should be. Yet in real life, people get away with sharp practice time and again. Part of the problem is that victims are often too embarrassed or clueless to come forward. How much better if there was a badge of trust that gave printer and MPS buyers confidence in those they were dealing with. This is just what NAPPS is hoping to provide. It has already signed up more than 70 members – PrintIT Reseller itself is an associate member – and has attracted industry heavyweights as Partners to work together on new standards for the imaging and document management industry, most recently Balreed, DocuWare, Laserfiche and BNP Paribas. If NAPPS is right and selfregulation works, the confidence it inspires will be good for end users and for resellers striving to build deeper and more rewarding relationships with customers.

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