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Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 18 – Free Download

It should be you

Print IT Reseller Magazine - Issue 18 - Free Download
Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 18 – Free Download

Like everyone, I had hoped that by now business would be booming and we would be looking forward to a prosperous 2015. In fact, the recovery remains tentative. Printer sales have recovered this year – businesses couldn’t put off upgrades for ever – but the pressure on prices has depressed the value of sales. And that trend won’t be easy to reverse. In fact, many expect it to extend to MPS, which is in danger of becoming commoditised as more resellers offer entry-level managed services (see our 2015 predictions starting on page 20).

The real prize as Toshiba told resellers at its last T360 event (see page 42) lies in solutions sales – understanding customer pain points and developing a complete solution. Incredibly, paper remains a major bugbear. Everyone knows the benefits of digitisation, but very few businesses have made much headway in transforming their document processes. As we reveal on page 32, two thirds of organisations have either not begun their transition to paper-free workflows or are still less than 10% of the way to achieving their goal. That represents a big opportunity. If you don’t seize it, someone else will.

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