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Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 39 – Free Download


I was idly surfig the internet the other day, researching a piece I needed to write. In particular I was looking for an inspirational quote or famous saying about leadership. I didn’t actually fid anything of use, but I did come across this statement: ‘Keep Calm and call the Supply Chain guy’. It was on a website, which funnily enough caters for people working within the supply chain, not my area of expertise admittedly, but it did strike a chord.

Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 39 – Free Download
Print IT Reseller Magazine – Issue 39 – Free Download

Only that morning I had spoken to Keith Howe, Brother’s Director of Supply Chain and Service, about Brother’s rather slick logistics infrastructure and what he said really made me think – it’s a whole lot more complicated than I could ever have imagined and actually rather interesting. When I considered all of the things that could go wrong and how much planning goes into even a simple shipment of a print cartridge – I could see the sense in the Keep Calm quote! You can fid out more on page 28.

Security is a prominent theme in this issue. Quocira’s Louella Fernandes discusses the risks of an unsecured print infrastructure (page 19) and in the VOX POP on page 38, our panel debates whether or not print is the weakest link in the security chain and if companies are doing enough to mitigate the risk.

And fially, if you’ve got any news about your business to share, would like to be included on our monthly Vox Pop panel, have a compelling business success story or simply wish to comment on any industry issues, please get in touch with us at

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