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Print IT Reseller Magazing V56

It’s a safe bet to assume that following the recent acquisition of Apogee, HP Inc. will look to convert the company’s not unsubstantial MIF to HP devices, which will certainly serve to reinforce its dominance in the printer market. On page 16, leading vendors discuss the ripple effect.

In keeping with the acquisition theme, this month’s VOX POP panel (page 50) discusses the current state of play in our sector. Of note was the general consensus that there are more vendors in the print sector than in other technology sectors. However, Midshire’s Julian Stafford doesn’t think there are too many vendors operating in a declining offie print market, he believes you can’t have too much choice in a market.

Overall, consolidation is viewed as a good thing, Vision’s Mark Smyth says it has helped Vision as it continues to reduce market competition, so it’s less for them to compete against and Kyocera’s Joe Doyle says consolidation is only a bad thing if you’re unwilling or unable to evolve to meet the changing needs of businesses. Quocirca’s latest Print 2025 Spotlight reveals that while many SMBs are still dependent on paper documents, they are struggling to contain print-related costs and looking to accelerate digitisation efforts. Research Director Louella Fernandes believes this presents a signifiant opportunity for managed print service providers – page 22.

This month’s Q&A is with John Gifford, Founder & Managing Director, Fiducia Strategic Consultancy, and PITR spent 60 seconds with Gary Smart, Managing Director, Smart Offie Solutions. And fially, if you’ve got any news about your business to share, would like to be included on our monthly VOX POP panel, have a compelling business success story or simply wish to comment on any industry issues, please get in touch with us at

Michelle Ryder, Editor
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