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Print service for hoteliers

A hotel marketing agency and specialist printer have launched a dedicated print service designed to meet the printing needs of hotels. Developed by In2Print and Journey, Hotel Print provides marketing and collateral design work as well as print fulfilment.

Bulletin - Print IT Reseller
Bulletin – Print IT Reseller

Simon Bullingham, Managing Director of Journey, said: “As hospitality marketing specialists, we’re keenly aware of our clients’ needs. One thing we have noticed during our extensive interaction with the industry is the extraordinary quantities of printed material that a hotel needs to function efficiently. The requirements are myriad. From promotional brochures to room service booklets and ‘do not disturb’ door hangers, the need for printed material is wide and varied.”

Central to Hotel Print is a specially adapted Print Management System (PMS) that allows individual hotels to manage their requirements easily and efficiently and, where necessary, make modifications to printed material.

In the case of larger hotel chains this can be done without affecting brand identity, as the PMS can be set up to allow individual hotel management teams to change certain fields, such as addresses, room numbers, telephone numbers and staff names, without modifying branding or design work.

As part of the service, prospective clients can take advantage of a free print audit to identify print overspend and explore more cost-effectiveprint solutions.

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