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PrinterLogic announces plans to expand distribution across Europe

PrinterLogic recently announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Tech Data. PrintIT Reseller spoke to Matt Riley, Vice President of Channels and Andrew Miller, Vice President of Marketing, about the company’s heritage and plans to expand distribution of PrinterLogic across Europe

Andrew Miller, Vice President of Marketing, PrinterLogic
Andrew Miller, Vice President of Marketing, PrinterLogic

The newly-formed partnership enables Tech Data to distribute PrinterLogic’s solutions to resellers throughout the US and Canada, however the plan is to fully leverage the distributor’s global footprint to further PrinterLogic’s expansion across Europe.

PrinterLogic is essentially an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration and provisioning of printers, enabling businesses to eliminate Windows print servers. The company was first established fifteen years ago, when it created a solution to resolve printer management issues within what was then a Novell network operating system environment. Over the years, the feature set expanded as the market shifted and moved towards a Windows environment.

Six years ago was a pivotal point in the company’s development. “We looked at the feature set, and how we could repackage it and create an enterprise grade platform suitable for organisations of all sizes,” Riley explained. “We used this development as the launching pad for a rebrand to PrinterLogic, developed a robust solution that addresses all of the printer management issues that businesses from SMBs through to large enterprises are faced with and this formed the basis of our strategy to build and grow the business moving forward.”

Originally established as a direct sales operation, the company quickly discovered the value-add that channel partners deliver and began engaging partners in its go-to-market strategy. “We formed strategic partnerships and built a strong distribution model that sees our solutions being sold through resellers, VARs, MPS providers and IT vendors worldwide,” Riley said. “We expect that by the end of this year some 90 per cent of our business will go through the channel.”

Matt Rile, Vice President of Channels, PrinterLogic.
Matt Rile, Vice President of Channels, PrinterLogic.

European expansion

Headquartered in St George, Utah, PrinterLogic opened a second office in Frankfurt, Germany last year, a strategic move designed to support its strategy to achieve wider distribution across EMEA. “We are building theatre-level distribution models across EMEA, creating a two and three tier distribution model at a country level,” Riley stated.

Explaining the rationale behind choosing Frankfurt as its European HQ, Miller said: “When we started, 10 per cent of our revenue was coming out of Europe without us even focusing on it. The demand is significant and we see huge opportunity within the UK, Germany, France and Spain, among other countries which is why we have dedicated resources now located in the region.”

He continued: “Our largest customer base by far is in Germany, and we have some key integrator partners based in Frankfurt. These are a key extension of our team and as such Frankfurt was a natural choice for us to select as the location for our first European office.”

Riley added: “We’ve seen a lot of organic growth within the UK and we’re incredibly encouraged at the prospect of growing our business there. We have a number of business development activities within our business plan designed specifically to leverage channel partners in addressing that market.”

PrinterLogic also has a number of contracts with OEMs including Konica Minolta and Toshiba, and Riley said that there are other deals in the pipeline. “Having multiple distribution points will help us address the needs of partners and customers, regardless of which countries or regions they represent.

“The company is growing like crazy, growth in both our home market and in Europe is consistent and comparable. We are now looking to put significant revenue into EMEA this year and we will have a much clearer feel for what the market will look like in 2018,” Miller added.

No more servers

Self-service Installation Portal - Empowers end users to install their own printers
Self-service Installation Portal – Empowers end users to install their own printers

“Our offer today is much more mature than the value proposition we had back in 2000,” said Riley. “Our focus is firmly on enabling companies to manage drivers without print servers, and on helping resellers solve end users’ print management issues, regardless of size or industry. We provide our resellers with a solution that can help their customers eliminate print servers, easily deploy and manage printer drivers and drastically reduce the cost and complexity of their printing environments.”

He added: “When we talk to customers, they tell us that they have relied on print servers historically to give them a platform for managing their print environment. IT teams need to manage and deploy printer drivers on a daily basis, and they have always seen print servers as the only way to accomplish this.

“Our response is to show them that they don’t need servers. With our software, users get a platform with all the management functionality they need, whilst eliminating the downsides of servers, including the cost, downtime due to server-related outages and the number of help desk calls. We have helped thousands of organisations to remove print servers, simplify and increase the reliability of their print environment, all while reducing their print costs,” he said.

Simple interface

PrinterLogic provides easy printer and driver management with a simple interface. It eliminates scripting and GPOs, and enables self-service printer installation with floor plan maps. Importantly for the channel, the solution is easily implemented in days, not months – meaning resellers can get their customers up and running in no time.

“The main reason that we’re successful is that our product works, it’s easy to implement and use and it saves money,” Miller said. “We regularly conduct customer research across our worldwide customer base, an activity that’s managed by an independent third-party,” he explained. “Our most recent poll [completed just days before this interview] found that 91 per cent of PrinterLogic customers are fully deployed within four weeks, and 78 per cent are deployed within six to ten days.”

PrinterLogic cuts waste of print consumables, reduces the costs of purchasing, deploying and maintaining servers and endpoint devices, and boosts the productivity of IT staff as well as end users, making the return on investment (ROI) very strong. PrinterLogic’s latest survey revealed that 60 per cent of the customers surveyed get complete payback within seven to twelve months, and that 45 per cent reported more than 200 per cent ROI within the first year. “A year to get a return on IT infrastructure investment is pretty darn good!” Miller commented.

PrinterLogic is based on a simple license fee per print device premise and there are, according to Riley, a number of ways in which resellers can monetise the offer. “We work with a number of MPS providers who are building our software into their contracts, some partners choose to use it to streamline their own processes and many don’t pass the costs onto their customers,” he explained, adding: “One global outsourced IT provider uses our solution as it saves them money from an operational perspective, and other models exist whereby the MSP can build the cost into their customer billing,” he said.

Small business simplicity

PrinterCloud is the company’s new cloud-based print management solution which offers enterprise class print management to SMB IT professionals without any undue overhead. Designed from the ground up with small and medium businesses in mind, it provides powerful print management, printer driver deployment, centrally managed direct IP printing, self-service printer installation and pull printing.

“Printer and print server deployments are just as big of a problem for small businesses as they are for our enterprise customers,” said Riley. “The challenge we faced trying to serve the SMB market is that many of those customers are moving aggressively to cloud-based SaaS solutions to avoid infrastructure sprawl and to minimise operational costs.”

He added: “The introduction of PrinterCloud as a SaaS platform is a big day for PrinterLogic. We are now able to better serve the entire market and we’re already seeing the demand from the commercial and enterprise space come on strong as they look to move away from on-premises server-based solutions.”

A complete solution

PrinterLogic has also recently partnered with print and output management provider Plus Technologies to provide businesses with the highest availability and reliability of print delivery. The partnership integrates PrinterLogic and OM Plus Delivery Manager and also enables PrinterLogic to become a reseller of OM Plus solutions.

Admin Console - Manage your entire environment from a single pane of glass
Admin Console – Manage your entire environment from a single pane of glass

PrinterLogic has long been a leader in front-end print management solutions, eliminating the need for Windows servers for print jobs initiated from the PC. Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple back-end systems and delivers them to printers, multifunctional devices, fax software, email systems and more.

Together, these integrated front end and back-end solutions enable businesses of all sizes and in any industry to simplify print management regardless of the origin of the print job while streamlining infrastructure and reducing costs.

“By combining Plus Technologies’ software and its years of experience in back-end printing with our ability to eliminate Microsoft print servers and deliver front-end printer management, a complete end-to-end print management solution is quickly taking shape,” Miller said. “The OM Plus Delivery Manager solution is unparalleled when it comes to print spooler management, and the integration of our solutions will provide customers reduced cost and simpler printing with greater confidence in print delivery.”

In conclusion, Riley said that the company is excited about the tremendous growth potential. “We have secured a number of large enterprise wins already in EMEA and we’re proactively looking for further expansion in this important market by providing partners with a solution that will scale to the entire customer base, from micro-SMB up through global enterprise.

“We see healthcare, education and financial services as key vertical markets – it’s these areas that present immediate opportunity and we’re anticipating that we can build our presence very quickly.”

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