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PrintFleet strengthens relationship with VOW

Print management solutions provider PrintFleet Inc. has entered into a LINK agreement with VOW, making the wholesaler its first UK LINK partner. The agreement enables VOW resellers to provide business process automation and supplies fulfilment through PrintFleet’s LINK Supplies Fulfilment services.

PrintFleet LINK offers PrintFleet

The platform enables customers to offset their consumption by planting new trees in association with a number of global reforestation projects.
The platform enables customers to offset their consumption by planting new trees in association with a number of global reforestation projects.

Vision and Enterprise users a simple way to automatically send device and fleet data to distributors and service and solutions providers in the LINK partnership programme. It simplifies the exchange of data from resellers and enables the seamless delivery of services and products for MPS customers.

With this new solution, VOW resellers can effectively connect customers’ devices directly to VOW’s ordering systems, automating the supplies replenishment process and ensuring just-in-time deliveries for lower costs and improved customer service.

“With this capability we have ushered in the internet of printers,” said David Morrow, Chief Commercial Officer at PrintFleet. “Resellers can now generate new margin opportunities and value for their customers through sharing device and fleet data with their supply chain partners.”PrintFleet Marketing Manager Elise Mcfarlane added that with LINK the dealer doesn’t have to worry about monitoring individual devices.

“With a typical MPS installation, the dealer uses software to monitor devices, receives an alert to say the toner has run out, places an order, receives it in stock, ships it out to the end customer and so on,” she explained.

“LINK automates this entire process: the dealer instructs VOW to manage the device; VOW uses our tool on the machine; the device itself sends the order to VOW; the wholesaler does the drop-ship; and the dealer has nothing to do. It reduces the contractual complexity of supply chain integrations, allowing resellers to get connected and improve their competitiveness in the marketplace.”

VOW Group MPS Manager Owen Costen said: “We are delighted to strengthen our strategic relationship with PrintFleet via our new Managed Print and Document Services solution. End users are increasingly expecting a seamless process of procurement and support, including the automatic replenishing of supplies exactly when needed. The time and expense of manually re-ordering ink and other consumables is removed with LINK, an industry-leading system that will give VOW resellers an additional competitive edge with their customers. This tool will enable VOW resellers to identify leakage, capture greater wallet share, as well as intelligence on the equipment itself.”

North American customers

PrintFleet LINK has already been adopted by a number of partners across North America and Mcfarlane expects LINK to be a hit in the UK market too. “This service complements our traditional offer in certain areas and makes life easier. What we are doing is enabling choice through the automation of data,” she said.

US customers

One partner, Supplies Network, a wholesaler of IT consumables in the US market, is using the LINK service to enable resellers utilising PrintFleet Vision, or their own server, to pass data to Supplies Network for processing. Since launch, the company has seen revenue grow month on month.

Barney Kister, Senior Vice President of Strategic Relationships for Supplies Network, said: “The result is finely filtered actionable intelligence for services and true just-in-time supplies management.”

The PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX], a cloud-based program that measures and offsets organisations’ paper consumption through tree-planting, is another US-based LINK partner.

PRX reverse-calculates paper consumption to determine the environmental impact of printing on the world’s forests.

The platform enables customers to offset their consumption by planting new trees in association with a number of global reforestation projects. So far, PrintReleaf has exclusively contracted more than 112 million trees to help revitalise forests. LINK gives PrintFleet Vision and Enterprise users an easy way to automatically transmit the device and fleet data that PRX needs to neutralise their paper waste and help sustain global forests.

PrintReleaf Founder and CEO Jordan Darragh said: “Innovative partners like PrintFleet are helping us achieve that mission, not just one tree at a time, but hundreds of thousands at a time. This is a tremendous opportunity to provide customers of PrintFleet’s global network of dealers the chance to releaf (offset) the paper they’ve consumed.”

The collaboration with PrintReleaf brings the positive environmental impact of offsetting paper consumption, as well as a new and differentiated value proposition, to customers – a proposition that Print Fleet would like to expand across Europe.

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