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Professional connectivity

SEH Technology has launched its new print server, the printserver ONE, for improved professional connectivity in any environment. With the printserver ONE, users can utilise the existing USB port on network printers and create a separate, additional Ethernet interface for the printer, which can receive print data fully encrypted and even secured via an IPSec tunnel.

In addition, businesses can create a second Ethernet port on the printer via the USB interface. This means that outsourced computers or remote employees can be connected without any danger to the company network. All print processes from the internet computer are forwarded to the printer in encrypted form, independently of the actual network.

By integrating all printers and multifunction devices via the printserver ONE into the network environments, print output devices can be managed centrally for improved flexibility. The printserver ONE has an internal print server homepage that integrates the user interface for configuration, administration, monitoring and maintenance via the browser. In addition there is support for key management tools, such as EpsonNet Config and many other SNMP based tools.