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Ransomware risks

Cyber security software vendor Osirium Technologies has shared findings from the latest Osirium Ransomware Index which suggests that ransomware attack risks impact organisations differently; particularly when businesses depend on outsourced IT

Of the 1001 UK IT managers surveyed for the research, 77% expressed a growing concern that despite their company having a good protection system in place, they could still be at risk of an attack by proxy – via their supply chain. Approximately 55% were also of the opinion that whilst some attacks are avoidable, others aren’t – which underlines the opportunities for vendors and channel partners to assist customers in identifying and understanding where the very real ransomware threats lie and supporting them in protecting their businesses accordingly. 

Across the respondents surveyed, 39% estimated it would take a week for their business to recover from a cyberattack – with 47% admitting it could take a month or more. In addition, medium and large sized businesses were most concerned about their supply chain putting them at risk (82%) yet, despite this, only 44% have a strict requirement in place when it comes to the supply chain relationships. 39% said they had a loose agreement whilst 8% don’t have, or haven’t even considered, one. However, 66% of businesses say they ask for regular updates from their supply chain about their measures and protection/recovery plan to tackle ransomware attacks. 

Over three-quarters (77%) of all respondents were concerned about the risk from their supply chain (suppliers, clients, and partners) and that figure rises to 82% when the IT depends on outsourced IT services.